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OCTO     310

A moments madness. Re-purpose a spoon and see what you get. The Kraken Wakes! 310

Champagne    311

Champagne is a bracelet made with an equal amount of Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold granules. Each granule is individually made and applied. No patterns are ever the same. This Bracelet may be made in Sterling alone at a base price, add Gold and it is priced as the retail price for silver plus the current Gold price for 14 K Yellow. 311

Picnic and Poppies

Close up of details on two bracelets found in the Bracelets Gallery


A Malachite pin underway, A work in progress.

Guitar Strap Ornament    312

This Scarab is one of several guitar strap ornaments. Some are Conchas, Basket Weaves, Hammered Discs as might be found on a Western Bridle. The Scarab is for when I want to play some Beatles music. 312

The Message Locket    313

The Message Locket is from "The Simple Little Gift" category. Made of Copper, tooled with a simple (or complex) decoration on the outer surface and a message inside. 313

The Copper Cardinal      314

From the Wire Worx shop. A Copper Christmas Tree Ornament in the manner of one of my favorite winter birds. The Cardinal was called The Red Jay by my young daughter. 314

Frosty     315

A snowman with an attitude and a sense of style. Made with a folding pin stem. Also built in Brass as a Christmas Tree Ornament. 315

The Corn Goddess        316

She comes from a mythology of my own invention. The earthiness of Copper with Sterling applications. Built with a pin stem. 316

The Flying Dragon    317

This pendant is actualy an Amphiptere, a Winged but Legless Dragon from Middle European Lore. In Sterling. 317

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