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Frequently Asked Questions.......

      I like to do shows.  I meet a lot of people and over the years I have made a lot of friends selling my          art.  I get asked a lot of questions about my jewelry and I try to answer them completely.  Here are a        few of them.

Does this bracelet look good with this other one? 
             I think so but art is subjective and the decision is yours.  I do know that bracelets always look                   best in groups of odd numbers. I like to see a plain bracelet separating more intricate designs.

Will these bracelets tarnish?

             Yes they will.  Silver tarnishes.  The best way to keep them shiny is to wear them.  I wear mine                 in the shower.  If they get dirty, wash them in hot soapy water, I use Dawn, rise well and dry.                   Polish with a good cloth. I like Blitz cloths, I think they are the best on the market and they are                 the only cloths I sell. 

Can I wear them in a pool?

            Nope, not in a hot tub either.  Any environment that includes bleach is bad for silver.  Take them              off if you are doing any cleaning that will include any brand of bleach.
This one is a little big, can I just squeeze it to make it fit?
            I would rather you didn't.  My father developed a system of sizes for these bracelets.  If one is                too big I probably have the same style in a smaller size. And if not, I can make one for you.                    Check out "How to order" for an explanation on sizes.

I saw a bracelet in a gallery I liked, will you make me one just like it?

            If it was one of mine, certainly.  If it is someone else's work, absolutely not.  I won't knowingly
            copy someone's design.  

How can I see your work?

                 Of course things were different before the virus arrived.  I don't that we will ever be back to               the normal we had before COVID 19 but things have become a new normal.  Shops are open,               people are out and about.  Wear a mask if you are more comfortable.
                I try to do about eight shows a year in and around Central New York.  I think it is best to                   come to my shows.  I have everything I make there usually and I am showing my newest work.                 But you can always make an appointment and come to the shop.  I have even done house visits               if four or more potential customers will be there.

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